For some reason, I can’t seem to stop listening to musical soundtracks. This obsession really started in sixth form when I would listen to musical recordings whilst I did my work. Fine. Cool. The upbeat sound being blasted into my ears kept my motivation up and I managed to get my excessive biology homework done every night. Fast forward to present day and it’s like I can’t seem to listen to anything else. What do I listen to when doing work? Musicals. Walking? Musicals. Getting ready in the morning? Musicals. I’m not saying I need an intervention but there are other good tunes in the world and I’m pretty sure I would have a good time listening to them.

To make this obsession more productive here are a few of my favourite musicals and why I think they are so wonderful:

1. Wicked

So for a considerable amount of years I have always wanted to see Wicked. Then in December 2016 I finally got to see the absolute magic that is Wicked. My 5+ year long dream finally came true. The musical was 10000x better than I imaged, I cried and I laughed. I left the theatre feeling in love with everything I had just witnessed. The friendship between Elphaba and Glinda was beautiful, the songs were extraordinary, and I have never been happier. The moment I walked out of the theatre I was already mentally planning when I would next go see it. (Wicked is actually going on tour next year and is coming to Birmingham when I’ll be in Canada why why why why. The heartbreak was real)


2. Les Miserables.

It’s safe to say I would probably give up my first born child to go watch this musical in the West End. No, I’m joking but SERIOUSLY. I didn’t expect to cry at the 2012 film but I did. A lot. Watching at midnight alone probably wasn’t the best idea to be honest. I watched the film with absolutely no clue what Les Miserables was about (apart from French students rebelling and all that jazz). I was not prepared for my heart breaking into one million pieces and having to sit in silence for about an hour to comprehend what I had just watched.

3. Hamilton.

Yes, I am on that train. Honestly? It took me a while to warm up Hamilton. My first listen was like ‘meh this is fine what is the hype about’ and then I listened to it a few months later and OH WOW. I chose to listen to it whilst doing work in the library and I was not prepared for Burn or Blow Us All Away. In my first listen I had completely missed the two very important and sad storylines in Act Two. Alas, the same as with the Wicked musical I can’t go see it in the West End because I’ll be on my year abroad.

4. Billy Elliot: The Musical.

Who doesn’t enjoy a story about a boy from a mining town living his ballet dream? As someone from a mining area and who spend a a good three months studying mines in GCSE history, I’m well aware of the mining strikes in the 1980’s. I’m also a pretty big fan of the film Billy Elliot.  The songs in this musical feature everything you want: Powerful messages, cool harmonies and Yorkshire accents. What’s not to love? I’m actually going to see this in March when the tour comes to Birmingham. HOW EXCITING.

Other musicals that are also pretty great: Matilda, Waitress, La La Land, and Hairspray.

If you’re interested I have a rather snazzy musical playlist here that includes all my favourite hits.


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