Why Christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year.

It’s December. The Christmas jumper is on and all I’m playing is Christmas songs until the 25th.

That’s a bit of a lie.

Christmas songs began playing on the 2nd of November and with the recent release of the Hamilton Mix Tape Christmas tunes are not the only thing being played right now. Oh and I wore my Christmas jumper last Thursday aka 24th November.

I really do love Christmas though, but why? I’m not particularly religious, nor do I enjoy receiving presents that much. As much I appreciate the fact my friends and family have bought me things, the anxiety surrounding the opening of the present is too much. Too much. What if I look like I hate it? What if I love it but my face says I hate it? What if my reaction isn’t good enough? What if I look ungrateful? I probably overthink this situation a lot but indulge in my worry even if it is ridiculous. I quite enjoying getting people presents though.

I think I prefer the atmosphere Christmas provides more than the actual thing itself. The Christmas Aesthetic, I suppose you could say.

There’s something so warming when the nights start to get darker and the days get more chilly. I’m one of those people that loves winter. I have a great time wrapping up in my scarf and gloves. A big, warm coat is always a must have. I will admit, cold hands and a cold face isn’t always the best feeling, but going home and getting warm with a cup of tea and a BBC Christmas special with the family is something I love about colder days.

Speaking of hot drinks, the festive drinks that have come into fashion are absolutely wonderful. When else is it acceptable to drink fudge hot chocolate or a gingerbread latte every time you go out for coffee? Exactly, never. The hype around festive drinks, as silly as it might seem. is something I definitely get involved in. I still haven’t tried a pumpkin spiced latte. I’m just not that into Halloween I guesschristmas

My favourite thing about Christmas though is the Christmas songs and carols. Good grief the amount of joy I feel whilst at a carol service or singing any Christmas song in a group setting is off the scale. As a child we used to sing carols in choir and go to different public places to perform. Why is small children singing Christmas carols in the middle of the supermarket a thing we actually do as a society? Why did I love doing this? Seem’s a bit weird now if you ask me. But yes, there was moment in my childhood where a group of us sang Away In A Manger whilst people shopped for their turkey. Ultimately, I feel those people who say they hate and detest Christmas songs are just lying to themselves. Embrace the fun, it’s worth putting your pride away for a bit of Wham! and Mariah Carey.

So there’s a few reasons why I love this time of year. It might seem a bit excessive to start listening to Christmas songs in November, but after Bonfire Night, what else is there to look forward too?

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