New Beginnings

Autumn is my favourite season. There’s something about the way nature is transformed into beautiful gold and orange. The homely feeling about wearing a thick coat and woolly scarf. Yes it’s cold and it rains, but the crunch of leaves, and smell of warm food cooking in the oven does nothing but warm my heart.

I think winter and autumn are often seen as ends of things. The end of summer, the end of adventure, the end of warmth and happiness as we know it. But it’s the start of many wonderful things – the start of warm drinks, the start of the Christmas build up, the start of school. I can’t help but feel a little excited when the world starts to turn back into winter. Plus that extra hour in bed when the clocks are put backwards can’t be a bad thing!

Lately, it feels like life has been full of beginnings. Not necessarily calendar marked beginnings that can be noted by anniversaries and remembered forever, but beginnings all the same.

I started my second year of university in September, I’m in a new house with a few new people and I’m studying English as a single honours degree now. Most things have stayed the same but I’m loving everything a lot more. Compared to first term of first year? Yeah this is much better. It’s not until you look back from a happier place that you realise how lonely and scary those first few months of university can be. I feel so much more confident and happier, I’m not really sure how it happened – I came back after working the summer in a supermarket ready to take on the world.

Y’know when people say that they grew into themselves and all that cliche and cringeworthy stuff? I think I’m starting to understand what they mean.

I’m starting to seriously think about my future too. Whilst I haven’t actually applied for any work experience yet, I am starting to look at placements and internships which is a huge improvement on the panicked noise I would make if anyone even whispered graduate jobs last year. I still have plenty of time though, which is a huge blessing. Not entirely sure I’ll ever be ready to graduate.

Another new beginning? The beginning of ohitsonlymegan on WordPress! I’m trying new technology! Whoa! I’m getting down with the kids and it feels great. Hopefully this new beginning comes with more frequent writing from yours truly. With a new found determination to Get Stuff Done, I’m hoping to take this back to the good old days of 2014 when I could write a blog post a month. Here’s hoping!

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  1. #deep
    Nicely written!👌👍


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