Long Time No See

Read the following section very carefully, this was written by a girl who had hopes. Had dreams. Had positive expectations for the next few hours. She was definitely planning on typing the blog post up the moment she arrived back at university. This is being typed three days later so you can only imagine the ending to this story.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on trains recently. In fact, I’m on a train right now writing this. What a cliche. It probably doesn’t help that I have my hair in what can only be described as a messy bun and I’m also wearing a huge scarf and dungarees. 

It’s November and I can no longer ignore the fact I am officially a university student. Studying for a degree like a human with educational ambitions and what not. I suppose it would feel more real if I had more contact hours and didn’t spend 90% of time in a state of “well I hope this is correct someone please help me.” I’m basically paying £9000 to sit alone a read books, what a good use of money. 

Back to the train situation – I am really not built for this travelling malarkey. I am probably on several peoples hit list for bashing them with my bags. I am small, it’s difficult to reach the overhead shelves okay angry adults that glare at me??

That being said, I don’t particularly hate trains – just the fact I have to carry heavy bags everywhere. It doesn’t stop me though. For instance today I’m heading back to university with a heavy rucksack and two more heavy bags. I will definitely regret this when I get back to my flat with aching limbs and tears running down my face.

Height is proving to be both an issue on trains and at university. I am convinced my flat was built specifically for the taller individuals walking among us because I can’t open any of the windows without having to stand on some sort of furniture (kitchen work surface, toilet, bed for example)

I’ve also decided to become a parent of two tiny cacti. I’ve been told they will grow into larger cacti which is a bit daunting if I’m honest. I also haven’t watered them since I bought them a month ago – maybe I’m not ready to be a parent just yet.

That, my friends is where train Megan leaves us. She got hungry and then listened to a podcast.

Back to where this all went a little wrong and stressful. If I had less luggage it might have been a bit easier, but I thought it would be clever to bring a good few books back to university and destroy my arms. Pulling up to the second stop of the journey, we were informed that on the line ahead a train had broken down and we had to wait until it had been fixed. I wasn’t particularly alarmed by this, I was in no rush and my electronics had sufficient charge – I would have happily sat there for an hour or so to be quite honest. Ten minutes later, we were pretty much told that we were going to have to get on another train to reach Birmingham aka my destination. Now, I had no excuse but to follow everyone off the train to find the other platform (which may I add was extremely far away and I was beginning to regret the bags the moment I attempted to climb the stairs).

Long story short, I ended up catching four trains that day, arriving back to the flat an hour late wanting to sleep for about five years after struggling with my bags. May I also add a police officer on a bike passed me whilst I was struggling and all he had to say was “your bags look heavy” like really thank you for that observation kind sir I’m so glad you are protecting our streets. Jokes, police are good keep doing whatever you do and please help tired teenage girls carrying heavy bags.

All this made me forget to write up my blog post but here I am, typing, for you. To be honest, university in general has caused forgetfulness in relation to this blog. Big changes equals no writing apparently.

Although, I have been writing, I write for the university newspaper, Redbrick (www.redbrick.me plug plug plug). I’m a news writer now, how official.

I still haven’t watered the Cacti and all that reading I’m paying £9000 for? Yeah I have a lot of it to do right now. I also need to go to the shop to buy things for vegetable lasagne. Meals that make 6 meals in one go is my new favourite thing, by the way.


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