1st July 2015 | Hottest Day Of The Year?!

Not going to lie, I’m not a huge fan of summer. Sure, it’s nice to sit in the garden under the sun reading a good book. Sure, it’s absolutely wonderful to go outside and not fear rain. Sure, it’s lovely wearing dresses and sandals and hats. What’s not so great? The heat. The warm, stifling heat that, to be honest, makes me want to roll around on the ground and weep. Except, I won’t do that, because the ground is warm and my tears will probably instantly evaporate off of my face because it’s so bloody hot.

As a Briton, I have spent a fair share of my time discussing the weather, if fact during my job interview I spent about five minutes talking about the horrific wind with the interviewer. Therefore, I use my nationality as justification for what this blog post will become (basically a huge complaint about heat and what not).

Now, I’m not adapted for the warm weather. I’m really not. I burn the instant I come into contact with the sun. Well, not quite. But I am currently nursing two arms that were victims of the sunlight on Monday. But yes, my pale complexion means I have no choice but to apply SPF 40 each day and the stickiness from sun cream is not the best thing in the world let me tell you.

Although, until today, I don’t think I’ve ever felt enraged by the heat. There I was in the kitchen, cooking potato waffles having an okayish time when I started the get a bit warm. Y’know what, I thought, I’ll open the door, let a bit of air in to cool this room down. Oh boy was I mistaken. Turns out, my kitchen / house in general was cooler than the outside world, which meant the instant I opened the door the room began to get warmer. WARMER. Naturally I had no choice but to shut the door and wait for the room (and myself) to cool down. Which took forever because air conditioning is a thing we don’t have.

But why didn’t I just go outside and enjoy this wonderful heat? Why? Oh let me tell you, humidity, that’s why. I’m sorry, but what is great about sitting still in air that just feels heavy? Also yeah, those two arms that are burnt mean I can’t go outside without wearing a cardigan. Let me tell you, that extra layer does nothing but make me even warmer.

I’m still baffled that people actually enjoy this weather.

I cannot wait for Autumn.

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