If you’re the type to visit YouTube pretty much everyday, then like me, you’ve probably noticed the new tag video named #DearMe. Now it’s not unusual for a video craze to spread around YouTube, but unlike the cinnamon challenge, #DearMe is all about focusing on the positives whilst talking to your younger self, preferably your teenage self – I think it’s safe to say, especially with the influence of the media and social pressure, those aren’t the easiest years of your life.

Now, somehow in the past day I became 18, yes, it is my birthday (yay woo celebration!). I have now entered that stage of life where I am an adult, but not really. Therefore, I have decided to make my own #DearMe. Whilst I do have my own YouTube channel (I know I never use it but come on) I have decided, instead, to use my written words instead of spoken words, because let’s be real, I’ve always been better at expressing myself through writing than speaking. So here we go, younger Megan, I hope you’re ready for what I’m about to say:

Thirteen year old Megan. Clearly having a great time.


Present day. Eighteen. I’ve discovered the miracle
that is eyeliner.

Dear me,

You’ve probably just written a letter to me. Or 16 year old me. Fun fact, you will forget the existence of that letter until you sit mortified on the leavers day as you read all the things you hoped. Things change, young Megan.

I would like to tell you that you do actually make it to the age of eighteen – a meteor hasn’t wiped out the Earth yet. You’re still kind of afraid of that happening though. Speaking of fears, most of them are still around. Snakes are still terrifying. Speaking in public? Horrible but you deal with it. Actually, I have a 10 minute presentation in two days. Wish me luck. You’re also still kind of afraid fish and you still don’t really understand why.

I think I’m supposed to give you advice or something. Or maybe I should just tell you how things change. I’ve actually only watched two of these videos, Grace Helbig’s and Kaitlyn Alexander’s. You don’t know who they are? You will. In a few months you’ll get a laptop, befriend Chloe and then you’ll set up a tumblr and you will be introduced to the wonderful, yet terrible, thing called the Internet.

Firstly, things that haven’t changed.

  • Unfortunately, you are still the same height. You may think you’re tall now, but trust me, being 5″3 at 18 when there are 11 year old’s taller than you is weird. I actually quite like being short though. Although I did get ID’d when buying lemsip the other day.
  • You’re also still friends with Gaby, she’s now the same height as one of those skyscrapers in London so please keep mocking her for being short whilst you can. She never dyed her hair brown, so that’s great, you can continue to be envious of her ginger hair. You do dye your own hair though, you dip dye it. It looks alright.
  • Megan, I’m happy to say you still read and are now the proud owner of over 100 books. Congrats. Wait until you find the dystopian section of young adult fiction, you will have an excellent time.
  • Taylor Swift? Yeah, it takes you 7 years but you’re seeing her in 3 months with Gaby like you planned probably a few weeks ago. (I’m very excited and will probably cry)
  • Your love of cities is still there, I actually went to Paris in October and it was wonderful. You also visited Valencia, oh yeah, you learn how to speak basic/terrible Spanish
  • Do you want to be involved in the media? Of course you do, well your whole idea of becoming an actress failed when you didn’t take Drama because of the teacher, BUT you are going to be studying History and English at university with the hope of becoming a writer afterwards. Which is pretty much the same thing. You prefer deciding how the story is told anyway.

Here’s the purpose of these videos, telling you’re younger self things they probably should’ve heard. Let’s be honest eleven/twelve/thirteen year old Megan, you need help and you need to stop some things.

  • First of all, please, please stop trying to be ‘cool’ it’s not worth it. Those people you want to be friends with? Complete idiots and soon you will begin to despise of their existence which appears only to be for distrusting lessons by asking stupid questions and nothing else.
  •  Fun fact: you don’t have to change yourself to fit in. People who don’t accept you for who you are, are not worth it. I promise. In fact, some of the people you are friends with now, you won’t be friends with in a couple of years, they’ll change and go in a direction that no longer interests you. Don’t worry you don’t have a fight and there’s no tears.
  • Another thing: I know this is difficult and not you’re fault, but please don’t feel so bad about how you look. And stop wishing for a boy to like you, there is really more to life than some teenage boy (who is probably gross) finding you attractive. I know it may look like everyone around you is in a relationship, but let’s be real you’re twelve, any relationship is not real. You are a hopeless romantic though, so I guess it’s expected.
  • But seriously, your self-worth should not be determined by someone else, no matter who they are. At the moment you spend way too much time focusing on all then negatives, that’s not you’re fault, people are mean and you’re surrounded by pictures of pretty girls who are sexualised in the media (in a few years you will have a feminist awakening and all of this will make you extremely angry, don’t worry). So please stop focusing not the fact you aren’t stick thin, your nose isn’t the smallest, and your left eye still sometimes goes stop sleep and doesn’t like begin active. You are funny, you are intelligent, your eyes are a decent shade of blue, and for the most part you treat other people decently.
  • Don’t be afraid of looking like an idiot. Fun fact: Those who stand on the side judging others aren’t having as much fun as those in the middle looking like fools. Looking like a fool is not a bad thing, in fact, that’s how you’ll have the most fun. Those who judge you for anything really aren’t important, do not listen to them.
  • Don’t be afraid of being afraid. You’ll say no to a lot of things, don’t worry you won’t regret saying no, but saying yes once in while won’t hurt either. When you’re seventeen you’ll sign up to spend a week at a university with a bunch of humans you don’t know and you will be terrified, but guess what? That week will be amazing and you will have the most fun.
  • Also please stop cutting your hair. And keep the fringe.

All in all Megan, you’re doing alright. You pass through secondary school pretty much unhurt. Some people will be mean, but the most traumatizing event has already happened to you – trust me, you will  learn in a few years that you didn’t need that friendship anyway, anyone who tells you they don’t want to be friends with you anymore because you aren’t good enough doesn’t deserve you. You get all A’s (plus one B) in your GCSE’s with an A* in History and biology. You’ll learn how to drive and someone will decide it’s okay for you to legally drive on the road. Everything will be okay.

I’ve enjoyed talking to you. If somehow, in my past I have discovered time travel, then I hoped this helped – obviously you need to forget all about this or else the future will change and then disaster. I don’t really know, but we both watch Doctor Who so something bad will surely happen. I will give you one piece of advice – when a journalist asks you “what are you doing right now?”, for the love of god do not say “I am at home” please say “I am doing my GCSE’s”, it will save a lot of embarrassment.

Goodbye my younger self, I guess.

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