Valentines Day?

Fun fact: I had actually forgotten it was Valentines day. It wasn’t until I logged onto social media and saw either: A) People confessing their love or B) People complaining about their loneliness, that I realised – Oh yeah, its that day where love is everywhere.

Then I continued with my day. Which consisted of making oat cookies (which, by the way, are delicious).

However, seeing as it is the day of love and what not. Here’s a list of the things I been loving recently-ish.

  • Novels written by Gayle Forman. I was first intrigued to read her novel If I Stay after the trailer for the film appeared on my television. Whilst I liked the novel, it didn’t ‘hook’ me like I expected. Nevertheless, I still bought the sequel Where She Went, which owns the same stance as the first, it’s good but I’ve read better. Alas, I’m now reading Just One Day, persuaded by the idea of visiting Paris for one day (because that’s basically what I did in October – remember?) and holy moly if you’re interested in reading something by Forman then please go read this novel. I’m only half way, but w o w. Watch out for a book review – either here or on The Indiependent!
  • The Indiependent. (Don’t you just love it when points flow from each other?). Aaah yes, I can here you sigh, haven’t you plugged this enough? Well, no. So go look at the page! I promise you will have a good time.
  • Instagram. Now, not to be narcissistic or whatever, but my instagram has been looking pretty good recently. The previous photography student within me sighs with pleasure each time I look at my profile. You should follow me if you like, the link is to the right, somewhere
  • Ukulele. For Christmas I received a tiny red ukulele and it is currently one of my favourite things. I previously played the guitar, so I’m transferring the skills learnt about 5 years ago. I still struggle with the whole ‘sing whilst playing’ aspect – it actually makes my brain hurt.
  • The Sims 3. Aaah, I have reached that moment in my life where I want to play The Sims again. This phase will fade in a few days so I thought I would include it whilst I still like it.
  • Carmilla. Have I mentioned my love for this webseries on here yet? Probably. If you’re interested, just YouTube Carmilla and have a great time.
Alright guys, I will love you and leave you. I hope, whether you celebrate Valentines Day or not, you have had a good day.

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