2014 Round Up

Whilst this year has had it’s downsides, seriously, terrible things happened in the world this year and this post is in no way trying to ignore them but New Years Eve tends to a place to remember all the good things and personally, this year has been amazing. Here’s a list.

  •  I have continued writing this blog. Unlike the diaries I kept when I was nine, I have managed to continue posting to this blog for over a year. Every month in 2014 I uploaded at least two posts. That makes me proud. 
  • The Summer Masquerade Ball. The end of year post 16 party if you will. My friends and I dressed up real fancy and wore masks. Although the food wasn’t that great, we danced all night and my feet hurt. It was great. 
  • Nottingham Potential Summer School at the University of Nottingham. I’ll never be able to put into words what this

    experience did for me. The fact that I was one of the 400 accepted out of 1600 applicants is pretty amazing. I was actually really scared to apply, non of my friends seemed interested and it became apparent I would know absolutely no one – spending six days on my own with a bunch of strangers was terrifying. The obvious purpose of Summer School is to give you a true university experience, but it is so so much more. I met some wonderful humans and became more confident and comfortable within myself. It taught me that saying yes to things your scared of is a good thing. I think that will be one of my resolutions: Stop saying no to things. I know it’s cheesy and cliche, but I will always remember Summer School as a wonderful experience and time in my life that I wish I could relive again. (If you’re in year 12 please consider applying to a Summer School at the University of Nottingham you won’t regret it)

  • Started a YouTube Channel (ohitsonlymegan). I don’t upload often, but I was brave enough to upload my face and voice to the internet, something I had wanted to do  for a while. At the moment, numbers aren’t really a priority but you should subscribe if you want. 
  • Began contributing to The Indiependent. Although the majority of my posts are Doctor Who reviews, I feel immensely proud that I am writing for other places on the internet except my blog and twitter. 
  • My First Job. Yes, it was a volunteering job and I didn’t actually get any money for it, but it’s something to be positive about all the same. I talked to children about books and it was wonderful.
  • I did pretty well in my AS exams. Somehow, in the summer I managed to get A’s in both History and English. As these are the subjects I want to take at university, to see those grades on results day made me pretty happy. 
  • History Trip. The history trip to Belgium and France is definitely the best school getaway I have ever experienced. For once in my life everyone who went was really friendly and cool. The teachers were also really great. It was extremely fascinating to relive moments from the First World War. The fact that it was the last school trip I will ever experience also means it will hold a special place in my heart. 
  • Relationships. My friendship group hasn’t altered that much this year, but I definitely have more people that I am comfortable around and call a friend. I feel that I could potentially befriend a few more individuals just to make my life in certain lessons more bearable, maybe that’ll be a resolution. A certain thing in November taught me that focusing on my studies is A-OKAY. I’m also in awe of everyone who can have romantic relationships and still stay focused on education – How do you do that huh? Too personal there, Megan, abort abort. 
  • I learned how to drive. Somehow, I am legally allowed to drive a car. Me. Who knew? My driving test was so traumatic it’s a wonder I passed at all (let’s just say at one point I joined a queue of traffic that was actually parked cars). But yes, I can do the driving and it’s cool. 
  • Concerts. I saw Ed Sheeran and finally managed to get Taylor Swift tickets, after 6 years of waiting. Pretty exciting stuff. 
  • I received all my offers from universities. I’ve put this last because it is the thing that will probably effect me the most in 2015. I’m pretty much ready to reply to my offers and the fact this year I will hopefully leave home and go to university is a little bit scary. 
This post was unplanned and written quickly. I don’t think I missed anything but if I did, I apologise.
Thank you, 2014 for being okayish to me. I hope 2015 will be great not only for me, but for you as well. 
See you in the New Year! 

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