Oh hello, October.

My laptop is still missing. I’m assuming it’s still being fixed, but it’s been so long I honestly have no idea. So no book review today people! I’ve finally learned how to type on this tiny tiny keyboard, but I have about 3 essays to write, a biology exam to revise for and a piece of English coursework to change. I want to get most of that done today. It won’t happen but I have every hope because I just made the most fantastic cup of coffee.

So to keep you all interested and in the knowledge, that yes I am still existing in this world and I hate the fact I have no time to write a decent book review, I will create a short list as to why I am extremely happy it is finally October. (I even changed my calender on the first of this month because I am that excited)


  • The leaves look pretty
  • It’s finally cold enough to wear scarves and hats
  • It’s the month Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989 comes out
  • I’m going to see Ed Sheeran and I am very very excited
  • Grace’s Guide: The Art Of Pretending to be an Adult will be released this month. (And I need that because I will be an adult in a few months, someone help, where did my childhood go?)
  • I’m going to to Belgium and France to visit the World War One memorials, and I’m really excited and interested to go. (ps. we’ll also be visiting Paris which is somewhere I’ve wanted to go for years)
  • I can finally wear my boots
  • I can finally wear the dresses I’ve acquired that aren’t for the summer
  • Jumpers can now be worn again
  • It’s lovely to be able to stay inside and not feel guilty that you’re missing out on the sunlight in the outside space
  • Listening to music feels 100% better and I don’t know why
  • You can eat hot dinners again without feeling like you’re going to die
  • I will hopefully get my laptop back this month.
So yes. October is possibly the best month, and no one can tell me differently.
I shall now go and do all the homework. (ps if you do A Levels don’t expect any free time – but also don’t give up because A Levels = better opportunities for your future. Whoa that got deep. Abort)

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