Exciting Things!

It’s August! Finally!

But why is August so exciting? Well curious human I will tell you.

If like me, you enjoy the BBC series Doctor Who more than is acceptable then you’ll realise that Doctor Who is returning on the 23rd August. It is finally August. Doctor Who is about to return in three weeks and I could not be more excited. Honestly, along side that elation lies feelings of worry and nervousness, especially with the recent interviews and quotes that say Who is ‘different’.

Not that I hate change but I hate change.

I have all faith that Capaldi will be a great Doctor, but there is always the option that, for me, the difference will cause me to dislike the programme I have love since I was 7.Ten years. Wow.

But, just the like the Doctor, the show must regenerate to prevent it’s death. It’s one of the main reasons the show has lasted for half a century.

Will I be going to the Cinema to watch the first episode though? I hope so. (I didn’t go to the cinema for the 50th due to my failed eyes that prevent me from seeing 3D films in, well, 3D.)

Anyway, that is not the only exciting thing that is happening.

Yesterday, it was announced via twitter, that the entertainment blog, The Indiependent (in no way affiliated with the British newspaper The Independent), had added new writers. One of these writers was me. Yes.

Obviously, I am very excited and honoured to not only be writing for them, but to have been given this opportunity in the first place. Actually, I spent a huge amount of time reading the blog before getting the courage to send an email and apply (No one tell them I want to remain cool and aloof (jokes))

But what is The Indiependent? The Indiependent is a platform for aspiring writers, such as myself, to gain journalist experience. It is features reviews from music to films to books. Not only that, but the writing is actually entertaining and informative. Somehow, I am now affiliated with this bunch of talented individuals.

What will I be writing? Well, reviews (The first review may or may not be about A Great Big Worlds album Is Anybody Out There? You’ll have to follow The Indiependent to find out). One thing, I am very excited about, is when Doctor Who returns on the 23rd (bringing it back to the beginning – look at that for writing technique), I will hopefully be posting weekly reviews of each episode on The Indiependent.

I hope, at least, some of you, are excited for the things about to happen and will check out The Indiependent.

Bye 🙂

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