On The Fence by Kasie West


Let me tell you a thing: I love romance novels. In fact, it’s probably a secret pleasure of mine. My kindle is full of cringe worthy romance tales found during endless scrolling on amazon. To tell you the truth, they cheer me up and make me happy. Nothing like watching two fictional characters, who are your age, fall in love to make your mood improve. That sounds creepy. Anyway, so I was still recovering from the sadness that was finishing Nottingham Potential Summer School on Saturday and needed something to lift my spirits. I found this review of Kasie West’s Distance Between Us and knew that this would be a good read. If not for the literate greatness but for my emotions. Obviously, I did not read The Distance Between Us, instead, due to limited amazon gift card funds, I read On The Fence.

Now, this didn’t have me immediately want to reread like an Elizabeth Scott novel, however, did keep me entertained for about three hours. Yes, I did read it in one night. Unlike most cheesy romantic novels I have shamelessly read, On The Fence managed to push the romance aside for most of the novel and focused on Charlie’s relationships with other significant characters, such as her three brothers and her father. This is what stops this book from being a simple romantic cheese-fest but a story with deeper meaning and issues. Whilst dealing with her Mothers death, we see Charlie transform and open up for new experiences, even if that is just trying on make-up. Surely, this is something everyone can relate to? Trying new experiences isn’t a bad thing, and this is what we discover whilst following Charlie throughout her journey.

Whilst this isn’t a novel full of deep meaning and probably won’t become known as one of the literary greats, it was definitely enjoyable and somehow mad me reevaluate my approach to life. New experiences may be daunting but they aren’t bad and even though this probably wasn’t the main message West wanted to project to the world it’s what I got from the novel and hope to stop saying no, and instead, say yes to more things that are offered to me. No matter how awkward or stupid I feel.

Next time, there will probably be a review of The Kill Order by James Dashner. Or photographs from my trip to Lincoln two weeks ago. I’m not sure yet but please look forward to those things!

Bye 🙂

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