The Maze Runner Trilogy – James Dashner

Sometimes, just sometimes, you avoid book series’ because the title, and the whole concept, puts you off. I know you aren’t supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but I did. Or, at least I judged it by it’s title and blurb. It wasn’t until I saw the movie trailer before watching Divergent that I thought, hey, this might actually be good, and when I received a book voucher for my birthday you can guess what I did. I bought the entire trilogy, and then waited about three months to read it. Story of my life in those eight words.

Anyway, on with my ramble slash discussion slash review of The Maze Runner trilogy so I can go read the prequel.

Despite my initial reluctance to read this trilogy, I will say that is good, original story that, if only for curiosity, will keep you interested and hooked. The first book, in my opinion, is a little slow and can be uninteresting at points. Maybe it’s because there was so much mystery and unknown, I often found myself staring at the words but not reading them. Especially during any sort of battle scene between the Grievers. However, this lack of interest stayed with me throughout each action-like scene in the trilogy – so maybe it’s an individual thing.

Now let’s talk about characters. My favourite’s were probably Brenda and Chuck. Although, I spent most of the time pitying Chuck. I still feel sadness towards the thought of him. So maybe he shouldn’t be up there as being a ‘favourite’ of mine. I liked Brenda from the beginning, she’s different from any other character. In a male dominated story line, Brenda mixed it up a bit. Teresa, the only other main female protagonist, got annoying real fast and that makes me sad because I liked her.  I believe Thomas, the main character we as readers follow throughout the story, would have been my favourite, if the story line didn’t focus around him. Of course the story line should zone in on him, he is the protagonist, but sometimes I found myself almost predicting what would happen. Let someone else be the main target for once. In fact, the only times I was surprised were when revelations were made about other characters. Take for example, the revelation made about Chuck in the third book, The Death Cure. (At least I believe it was the third book, third or second).

I think I might keep this shortish because what kept me interested was the lack of spoilers and information I was given before reading. Will I go watch the film in the cinema? Maybe. Or probably I’ll just wait for the DVD. I’m interested to see how they’ll adapt it into a movie.

Now, I’ll read the prequel The Kill Order, maybe that will increase my opinion about this trilogy.


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