In this post I said I would have a review/post about The Maze Runner trilogy and I stated  that I wanted to write it before July. Well there’s about 3 days until July and I’m not even halfway through the second book. I know. I’m sorry. I’m now pushing that deadline of sorts, back to 12th July. I have two weeks to read 1 and half books. Why 12th July? Well that’s when I attend a University residential thing and I probably wont have time to read or write for a whole week.

Meanwhile: Enjoy this list that I have assembled of the things that have happened to me recently:

  • I offended a 15 year old by calling him twelve. I’m not sorry.
  • I watched The Fault In Our Stars and cried. Here’s the video
  • I received Ed Sheeran’s new album a day early on Sunday. I was confused because Harry Potter taught me that there is no post on Sundays
  • I started playing The Sims again
  • I returned back to school and I may or may not be excited for the English coursework I have to do
  • I didn’t brush my hair this morning and only realised when I was actually outside with real people.
  • I want to go to VidCon. 
Okay, I now have to start researching things for History so goodbye! 
Ps there may or may not be a new video on my YouTube channel tonight listing all things British so check it out and subscribe if you want? 

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