Sometimes, you are right the first time

Yo I’ve returned from the land that is exams.

I should probably never say ‘yo’ ever again, I apologise.

Did you have a nice day? I hope you did.

I’m not back properly, I still have two exams left but I have 10 days until those so I thought ‘why not take break?’ By break I meant maybe write a blog post. I’ve stuck to the whole ‘only read books you’ve read before’ thing, but I did buy True Fire by Gary Meehan so look out for that in the next month or so.

Here’s a little anecdote from my biology unit one exam instead, enjoy.

Imagine the setting, school hall, about 100 teenagers sit at tiny desks scribbling furiously about t-cells, diffusion and ventricles. For all of my exams this year, I have been placed in the worst seat – directly at  the back. This not only means that I can see everyone else writing and panicking, but due to my bad eyesight I cannot see the clock or the whiteboard that states when the exam ends. Yes I was wearing my glasses but someone with 20/20 vision wouldn’t be able to see it either. This just adds extra pressure because I have to do maths to workout when the exam ends. I know, terrible. Anyway, I turn the page, I’m about 25 minutes in and I only have about 3 pages left so I decide, ever so casually, to slow down because I do not want to be left with 30 minutes with nothing to do except check answers. So I read this one question carefully and note down my answer – something about antibodies and what not. Then it’s 9.35 and I have 35 minutes left and I have finished with my exam. Then, I do the thing I’ve been told to do since day one – I checked my answers. Here’s where all the trouble appeared. I return back to the antibody question, and realise I read the question completely wrong *begin internal panic* so I quickly scribble out my first answer and write the correct one. You would think everything was fine after that. Yeah, me too.

I now have about 15 minutes left, I decide to check my answers again, no harm in that right? I arrive at the question I changed my answer for, and realise, that I, in fact, gave the correct answer the first time and misread the question the second time. If if it were appropriate, I would have slapped myself right then and there. I have never felt more annoyance towards myself.

As I had used all my space for the two answers before, I rewrite the first, and correct, answer in a tiny little space. I actually feel sympathy for the examiner who has to mark that question. Unless they skip that question and give me nil pois because they hate me for the mess. Looking back, I should have asked for more paper.

I should probably go back into the world of revision and tea.

Good bye 🙂

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