I almost joined a political party

Yeah you read that right. I am being deadly serious. I can’t even vote yet and I almost joined a political party without knowing it.

I’ll get back to that later, because I decided, seeing as I’m not really reading any new material and I an revising and what not for important exams, to take photographs of things I am doing to post on here because my brain thought that would be a cool and interesting thing to do. The only problem with this was that I may or may not have forgotten to take photographs for the majority of the week. Oops. So here are the photographs I did take this week, have fun.

Saturday: Pancakes. Need I say more?


Bank Holiday Monday: Gardening and realising I do not like gardening very much.

 Pretty much every week day: Walking to and from school.


 Pretty much everyday: Revision and tea drinking
Perfecting side plaits
Wearing cool socks


Internet breaks and candles


Revision war wounds
 Today. Saturday May 10th aka the day I remember I was supposed to be doing a photograph blog thing.
A little bit of shopping for birthday cards and what not
Stationary is important and exciting
Getting distracted by cute house hold items
Realising I need to leave quickly because I am getting distracted and need to go home and revise
Walking home and fearing rain


Feeling happy when I reach home because after walking for 30 minutes bags are getting heavy. Also it didn’t rain!
Realisation that I have forgotten my keys and may have to wait three hours. Outside.
A woman comes onto the street posting things and I try to not look conspicuous whilst I am sat on the floor outside my house. It is very awkward.
The woman who is very friendly engages in conversation. Suddenly I am posting leaflets for her. It just got weird and I no longer know what is happening.
I return to my doorstep and the woman is no where to be seen. I have 10 spare leaflets.
I remember I bought Mentos
I also bought Dr Pepper zero and come to the conclusion it probably won’t be the best thing to put in my body. I drink it anyway.
I take pictures of the trees across from my house
The leaflet woman returns for the spare sheets. She hands me toffee as a thank you and then tries to recruit me for a political party. I decline several times and she leaves wishing me good luck on my exams. I wish I was making this up.


I share this. Ignore spelling error I was confused and cold.




I am finally let into the house and I feel emotionally overwhelmed so drink tea to get over it. Also revision.
Remember I bought a new hoodie that is 2 sizes too because that’s how fashion works and it is very comfy.
Then I write this blog post.
I hope you had fun learning about my political escapades and what not. Usually my Saturdays are not that interesting.
Tonight I will watch Eurovision (which I am excited for do not judge me) and enjoy the weirdness.
Until next time folks 🙂

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