All the revision is happening

There’s not been a new book review/post/discussion in weeks and I am sorry. I’ve been a little busy. Why? Because it is May and May only brings one thing for students in the UK: Exams.


So, I have been reading, just not any new books, I’ve been reading books I’ve already read. Such as the Missing series by Meg Cabot. Next it’ll probably be The Mediator series. The way my brain works is that, I can still read books and revise as long as they aren’t books that I haven’t read before, because some how unread books will distract me from revision. I’m not quite sure I understand it myself either. So to keep up the whole ‘at least two blog posts a month situation’ here are some things I have realised whilst preparing from my exams.

  • Reading notes is not good enough to learn/memorize something, especially key words in a language. (Spanish speaking) 
  • Writing down things = memorization (Spanish speaking) 
  • Panicking does no one any good (4 hours before my Spanish speaking on the 30th April)
  • Breathing exercises such as this one actually work (2 hours before my Spanish speaking)
  • If you relax and don’t panic, things may actually work out well.
  • Coloured pens are your best friend
  • You can never have too many coloured pens
  • Sticky notes are also your best friend
  • You need all the paper
  • You need all the black pens for those exams
  • No matter how many times you learn and revise the absorption of glucose using a co-transporter you will probably never understand it. 
  • Music is a necessity for concentration
  • Your neighbors may possibly hear you singing along to Taylor Swift at 6pm
  • Unknown English texts from the 1800’s that are about spoons will never be your best friend (English mock 1st May) 
  • When you take breaks from revising you will always feel guilty 
  • Baking is a good way to be productive whilst taking a break from revision
  • You will never enjoy making butter cream icing  
There probably won’t be another “book specific” blog post until June, so until then it’ll probably be “Megan writes things that comes to mind and hopes it makes sense” posts.
Until next time friends 🙂
Remember in my last post when I mentioned creating a Youtube channel? I took the first step: Oh_itsonlymegan youtube channel! Maybe I’ll actually create videos, who knows?

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