Internet Language

Events that have happened recently:

Event One: I read Fangirl by Rainbow  Rowell (an excellent book by the way, totally recommend, please go read, available on amazon)
Event Two: I texted the phrase “I cannot” to a friend and she replied with “You can’t what?”
Event Three: I asked that same friend if she was fangirling over Divergent (which she had just read because I told her to) and she didn’t understand the world fangirl.

These different events opened my eyes to how the internet can alter the way we speak and communicate. Don’t get me wrong, it was obvious to me that I was talking differently to certain people, for instance I would remember not use ‘bc’ and ‘ikr’ and ‘I just’ to people who don’t involve themselves in the internet as much as I do. What actually alarmed me was that I had forgotten not everyone will understand the phrase “I cannot” as for the first time I had just assumed my friend, who does not use social media, would understand what I meant. I mean, I am led to believe that “I cannot” and “I just” is some sort of expression of emotion. An expression that expresses nothing at all. When did I begin doing this? More importantly, why is this a thing? Not finishing sentences and leaving them mid sentence is something we are told not to do. Yet I have begun using these phrases in real life and not only on the internet. If I used the phrase “I cannot” to finish a point in my English essays I’m a hundred percent sure my English teacher would explode with annoyance because that isn’t a proper sentence or a form of opinion. But to me it is. I use the phrase to express myself and I no longer remember why or how.

It’s not only phrases that are unknown to non-internet folk, we have words that they don’t understand either. For instance, within Fangirl Cath (The main character) mentions the existence of a fandom, and the other character within the conversation did not understand what she meant. For me, I assumed that the word fandom, along with fangirl and shipping, was universally known, apparently I was wrong. The reason Rowell’s book caught my eye was for the title, my brain just thought, I am a fangirl – I must read. For others, they probably wouldn’t even think of picking the book up because they don’t know what a fangirl is. The spell check on this doesn’t even understand what I mean due to the red lines under every internet term. It’s like a new language hidden behind English. There are actual language barriers between people because of the internet.

I think this is all I have to say on this subject. I could probably continue because it’s so fascinating to me but I’ll spare you all. Maybe there’ll be an “Internet Language part two” post in the future. Who knows?

In other news:

  • I finally watched Frozen and I now have a new favourite thing. Actually, whilst writing this, I have been dramatically singing Let It Go and For The First Time In Forever.
  • I also started my driving lessons, and I found out I am terrified of speed (and it’s not even speed because I have only gotten to 20mph). 
  • Recently, every time I go on the internet, I start off doing the normal things like tumblr and blog writing and what not -then suddenly I’m watching old Grace Helbig videos ( Every time. Though, I really don’t mind because she’s fab.
  • Doctor Who has begun to film a Robin Hood themed episode which has me wishing they would film in actual Sherwood Forest because then I could go watch filming. (I live near Sherwood forest please don’t hunt me down). 
  • It’s Easter break which means I’ve been revising and I finish every day with pen all over my hands which is really annoying. 
  • The sun has been out everyday which is lovely but odd because I live in England and I am not used to that flaming ball of fire in the sky. 
  • I have started internally debating whether I should start a YouTube channel alongside this blog in the summer after my exams. 
That’s all I wanted to say today.
*Smoke bomb* 
*Mysterious exit*

Come talk to me on Twitter or Tumblr or good reads!
(Also the endings to my posts are getting weirder and I am sorry)

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