Slated trilogy by Teri Terry

I should mention firstly that this is probably one of the more underrated series ever.

*Screams from the rooftops* Why is no one talking about this book? Why?

None of my friends have read it, none of my internet friends have read it. No. One.

This makes me sad because it is fantastic and is probably one of my favourite trilogies. It definitely has one of the best endings I have ever read in my life. There were tears. I’m not even sure why either. Maybe it’s because it was so good? Maybe you should read it and tell me *hint hint*. I’m also extremely sad this trilogy has ended, which in fact fuels my frustration that no one I know has read this trilogy because I can’t talk about it – the only thing I can do is tell them to read it. (which has now turned into begging because it has been three years and no one has read it)

Set in a future that is way to close for comfort (2050’s), Britain in no longer how we know it today. After the riots and protests in the 2020’s (see what I mean about closeness?), peace was brought with a new coalition government. Along with this new leadership, the procedure “Slating” is created. Slating is a procedure given to teenage criminals only – an alternative option from being given the death penalty. It’s a merciful operation, giving these criminals a second chance at life. But how? Well, it wipes the individuals memory, giving them a ‘clean slate’. For the first 6 months they stay in hospital, relearning how to speak, read, write and basically how to function. With the addition of a Levo, a watch-like wrist device that prevents and anger or sadness which may provoke unwanted behavior by causing the individual to go unconscious and may, in severe cases, kill with seizures to the brain. Slated’s are placed within families and back into society and have to go to support groups and visit the hospital regularly. This brings us to our protagonist: Kyla. Where everything is not all it seems. Firstly, she has spent 9 months in the hospital due to recurring bad dreams, her doctor, Dr Lysander, is the woman who actually created Slating. Danger also arises at school when teachers, pupils and Slated’s alike begin to go missing.

When you do read this series, invest in protection gear – maybe helmet – because this series is one hell of a roller-coaster ride where the uphills are mysteries and loop-the-loops are full on plot twists that just hurt (Especially in the last novel, Shattered, I mean ouch).

If you’re ready for a thrill in the form of a book then please read Slated by Teri Terry. Now I know this has been short but I had to avoid to spoilers because the reason this trilogy is so fantastic and amazing is because of the revelations that are given whilst turning the pages.

The trilogy is available from amazon 

Until next time folks.

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