The dreams continue to be weird y’all


I really like saying it.

Or typing it in this case.

Anyway, if you remember in September 2013 I wrote a post about some strange dreams and because I feel like writing and I haven’t finished reading the Gallagher Girls series yet (hint hint next blog post), I feel I should share with the internet some dreams that I have had since writing the said blog post.

Let me describe the one what I had the first night in Valencia. October 2013

I’ll set the scene: It was 3am, the hostel bed I was in was really uncomfortable and squeaked every time I moved. It was the first night in a strange country and a strange bed so I was having difficulty sleeping. I think I was so tired I was hallucinating because I don’t even know what went off in this dream. Firstly, my friend and I were sat in a cafe where everyone spoke perfect English even though I assumed it was in Valencia. The cafe owner and I got on very well. I asked for a job. She declined and ran off crying. I then went to this great ice-cream place in Valencia and I ordered in French (at least I said French words), the ice cream lady became very angry because I should have been speaking Spanish. Back to the cafe and I asked the owner why she rejected me. Now here’s where it got weird: She rejected me because I was black. I’ll let you all know I am in fact not black, I am extremely white and pale. This is the reason why I remain so very confused. Maybe it was the influence of my History studies (Civil Rights in the USA). I’m not sure but I woke up the next morning feeling like I had -5 hours of sleep. That was the day were had to walk all around Valencia. Oh that trip tired me out so so so much.

Time for dream number 2:

My Spanish teacher is secretly Anna Kendrick.

Or at least my brain wants me to think that. She revealed it in the middle of class stating “People can usually tell with my smile! Teaching Spanish is my real passion so please don’t tell anyone!” That dream also featured my best friend getting excited over salad and a non Spanish student joining the class because she was going to Mexico and needed ‘all the Spanish”

I’ve just realised both of the dreams feature Spanish.

Not sure what this means.

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