A Kiss in the Dark

A Kiss In The Dark by Cat Clarke


Let me gain thoughts and emotions that fully express how much I love this book because it has been at least three days now and I still can’t read another book without internally feeling like I’ve betrayed something.

Only me who feels like that?

Oh okay.

Firstly, may I just point out, that not only does this restore my faith in the goodness of people but also my faith in the human race as a whole. Both characters, Alex and Kate do some pretty hurtful things towards each other, both intentional and unintentional, yet both appear to do the right thing in the end. Yes, I understand that they are fictional characters and do no exist blah blah blah but let me keep this feeling of content before another human does something horrid that makes me hate all the people again.

I’m kidding. I think.

I’m going to avoid as much of the story line as possible, so this maybe short and sweet but we have to avoid spoilers people! Also I’m initially handwriting this after scribbling down a whole history essay and my hand hurts.

There is a secret, which in turn is also a lie, between Kate and Alex, and what makes this worse is it is an unintentional secret and lie, one where you have to continue it on for the rest of eternity, or until you breakdown in a mess of guilt and sadness. That’s only the first lie. Yep you guessed it, there’s two. The second lie pretty much had me on the edge on my seat, I was almost afraid to finish the book. If you read any of Cat Clarke’s novels, especially Undone, you’ll probably understand why I was afraid to finish it because, well, the endings can be a little unexpected and not what you wanted to happen at all. The truth of the matter is those kind of endings are the best endings so I equally hate and love them.

Now, back to the secrets and lies that lay between our couple and threaten to ruin not only their relationship and lives. Sounds cheesy and very cliché right? Thinking about not reading because you’ve read stuff like it before? Let me just shake you by the shoulders because this book is far from cheesy and cliché, in fact, depending on the individuals involved the events in this novel could actually happen, maybe with different circumstances but still it could happen. Especially the second part.

I haven’t given much into the story or plot but I beg you please read this book, if not for the story but for the message it sends out. Here I give you the hard hitting (and what people should believe anyway) quotes from the book.

“Love is love”

“People are people”

A Kiss in the Dark by Cat Clarke is available 3rd April 2014

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A huge thank you to Quercus for sending me the novel!

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“Tweet why you want a signed competition copy of Cat Clarke’s A Kiss in the Dark between the 31st March and 4pm on 4th April. Make sure you @Cat_Clarke & include the #AKITD to be in with a chance of winning. The winner will be announced on Friday 4th at 4:30pm. Good luck.”

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