In my head burning Red…

I welcome all of you into the new year with a new book review – so don’t say I don’t give you anything. I actually wanted to review this before Christmas, but seeing as the paperback isn’t out until tomorrow (that’s January 2nd 2014) I thought I’d better wait. Of course, if you’re living in the digital age then you can download it right now via amazon.

So, back to the book, which I haven’t yet named, did you notice? Red by Alison Cherry, in case you were wondering, stood out to me for many reasons

  • I am a huge Taylor Swift fan so the title Red sticks out to me anywhere
  • My best friend is a red head 
  • Not sure if she would have forgiven me for not taking the opportunity to read it. 
  • “Blondes need not apply” I am blonde. Why should I not apply? Why am I being targeted? What can I not do? 
  • The whole concept of book was very intriguing, I mean, a whole town full of red heads who hold all social status? The complete opposite of what happens in society today. Personally, I don’t see why red heads are taunted for their hair colour. This novel turns that upside down – the brunettes and the blondes are victimised because of their genetics.  
“Felicity St. John has it all: loyal best friends, a hot guy, and artistic talent” Of course, as soon as you read that sentence you know she’s going to have some deep, dark secret. Her secret? She isn’t a natural red head at all, she’s a blonde. Now for all of us living in the real world, where dying your hair is pretty common and accepted, we can’t really see the dilemma. But in Scarletville (I know), the rare hair colour of red gives you all the power, and if your a ‘fake’ red head you are treated as if you killed a man. I may be exaggerating here but you get my point. The hair salon which dyes the hair of all those fakers out there? Yeah, top secret and hidden where no one would find it. Unless your Gabby Vaughn, of course. 
I had high hope for the character Gabby Vaughn. Flicking through the novel and spotting the name Gabby made me pretty excited, because the best friend who is a red head? Yeah her name is Gaby. Spelling may be different but it’s still the same. As this is a novel dedicated to red heads, I automatically assumed Gabby Vaughn would be a red head. So, there I was turning the first few pages, anxiously waiting for my Gaby to fictionalized. Oh how my hopes were wrong. It turns out, Gabby Vaughn is a brunette, my dreams of throwing the book at Gaby and screaming ‘you are in this book, a fictional red head of you is in here now read it!”, were destroyed. So what? My brain said, it’ll be okay, she’s just brunette. Then I continued reading who will be a contestants for the Miss Scarlet Pageant, and it becomes obvious that Gabrielle Vaughn is not only a brunette, but is the antagonist of the story as she begins to black mail Felicity, who is terrified that her secret will be spilled, so obviously gives into all the demands made by Gabby Vaughn.
The initial idea of the book is fantastic, I had extremely high hopes for this novel. Maybe my hopes were a little too high as I found myself not as thrilled with the book as I thought I would be. I often found myself rolling my eyes at Felicity for believing her life would be over if anyone saw her roots, annoyed at her best friend Haylie for being so selfish and dramatic, and angered at Felicity’s mother, Ginger St. John, for dying her daughters hair practically since birth – afraid that her own social status would be ruined if she didn’t have a red haired child. I suppose that’s how characters are supposed to be, when sheltered from the rest of society, believing hair colour is what you should be judged on, instead of personality and morals. 
Overall, Red is a good book. It’s not the best book I’ve read in a while, but I did thoroughly enjoy reading each page. So, if you’re up for a book which is light on the emotions and doesn’t make you rethink your entire existence (unless you are one of these people that hates on red heads then you should start rethinking your life right now) then Red is a the book to go with.
Go buy Red, written by Alison Cherry!  
Until next time friends 🙂 
Thank you to Quercus for sending me Red! 
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