Jimmy Jump Shot

Bit of a random post. But just go with it.

Once, I wanted to be a basket ball coach and it was all Jimmy Jump Shot’s fault.

Jimmy Jump Shot was a real person, I know I didn’t dream him up because my PE teacher in year 11 mocked his American accent. But six year old me saw him and thought ‘I want to be exactly like that.’ I was clearly weirder than I am now. I can still remember the one lesson he taught, way back in 2003 or when ever.

I’ll set the scene: The sky is grey and 30 children stand shivering on a cold, wet playground in PE clothes. Waiting for Jimmy Jump Shot to arrive. It was tense. Who was this man? This man we didn’t have to call sir, in fact we could call him by his first name. It was a big deal.

Then he arrives, in PE gear, bouncing a ball like a professional. Let me tell you it was cool. Now of course he was probably 6 foot but to my short height he was about 10 foot. So here he is, the infamous Jimmy Jump Shot, the tallest person I’ve ever seen and he shoots at the basket ball net and it goes in. Now after have 3 years of female teachers who couldn’t shoot whether their life depended on it, having someone actually be able to do this phenomenon was amazing. After waiting for us all to quiet down after this stranger had done the impossible, he shouts in a strong American accent “Hello kids, I’m Jimmy Jump Shot!!! Now my little six year old brain just went wow. I’m not sure if it was his basketball techniques or his accent that amazed me but still he inspired me enough to go home to my mother and proudly exclaim “I don’t want to be a hair dresser anymore – I want to be a basketball coach!” I’m not quite sure how long this dream went on for but I’m not sure it lasted as I clearly remember wanting to be an archaeologist throughout most of my primary school life. But it still doesn’t stop family members mentioning it every year.

Of course, I never played basket ball again until secondary school – year 9 PE to be precise. Looking back I spent most of my time getting hit in the face by the ball instead of actually catching it. Co-ordination isn’t my strength apparently.

I never saw Jimmy Jump Shot again. Who are you Jimmy? Are you even American? Is your name even Jimmy?

So, whilst most girls my age wanted to be princesses or doctors, I, the girl who only succeeded in skipping with skipping rope races (1st every year at sports day since between the year 2005-2008), wanted to be a basket ball coach.

I’m not sure what you’re supposed to take from this but I enjoyed writing it. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Adiós a todos

I take Spanish I can do that

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