Catching Fire

Let’s be honest I watched the film a week ago and I’m still not over how bloody brilliant it is. I typically like adaptations of books, and there are some people in our society who hate every adaptation out there because they missed out a certain character or a phrase. Yes they did miss out some parts of the book, but the film is just such a good adaptation it doesn’t matter

Yeah, I did just say that. 
After I watched the Hunger Games way back in 2012 for my fifteenth birthday I was 99.9% sure Catching Fire would be terrible in comparison, because let’s be honest it wasn’t my favourite book in the series and how can they make it better than the first film? Oh I was so so so wrong. 
I personally think Jennifer Lawrence’s acting made this film, without it I don’t think it would have been as good. Bet all you out there who complained about her being cast are hiding under your rocks huh? Talking about complaining, why did y’all complain about Sam Claflin, I mean he is such an obvious Finnick, and I’m not just talking about his good looks either. 
Favourite scene? Most probably the elevator scene, I mean Katniss’s face had me shaking with laughter. Mainly because I was trying to keep my laughter quiet as no one else in the cinema was laughing (question: Why?). The scene in district 11 also had me crying into my popcorn let me tell you. In fact any scene where they involved the signal of district 12 and the revolution had me in tears. Don’t judge me okay I am an emotional person. 
Now this has been short and sweet, but I felt I should post something seeing as it December! You can just feel the Christmas. The only negative of this is that it’s almost time for Matt Smith to regenerate (no still not ready). I probably should have made a huge blog post about doctor who last week seeing as it was the 50th anniversary, but I think I was so excited I couldn’t find the words. I mean the show has been a huge part of my life since I was about 7 or 8 which is pretty much almost ten years. Yes, I am a whovian in case you hadn’t realised. 
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