Stealing Books

Not that I’ve stolen any books, of course.

At least I don’t think I have.

But Liesel Meminger sure has

And this is now the beginning of me having a discussion about The Book Thief written by Markus Zusak. You can stay if you like. I would like that very much. Or you can go out and steal purchase The Book Thief with actual money and read it for yourself. It’s up to you.

Now, don’t get me wrong, but I love Nazi Germany. In a non ‘oh I wish life was like that now’ no I just find it extremely interesting and fascinating that a group of human individuals can do such cruel and inhumane things. The fact I got an A* on the Nazi Germany history exam also has something to do with it. I obviously don’t take inspiration from these people because that would be bad. I just find it extremely interesting and disturbing to learn.

Back to the subject: Markus Zusak and his Book Thief.

The book stood out to me because my history teacher kept mentioning it: So Miss Hulme I have read it – I’m just a year late.

The whole idea that a child is stealing a book in Nazi Germany of all places is quite eye opening and is obviously going to get you a little curious. It’s also narrated by Death.

Yeah you read that right.

Death is now a narrator, and pretty good one at that. He spoils the ending, which is bad, but somehow makes the ending 10x more depressing and sad. I may have cried actual tears. Also, how many books have you read that have been narrated from deaths perspective? Not a lot I’m gathering.

The characters are also diverse and you find yourself hating, then loving the character in the next chapter (Rosa Hubermann I’m looking directly at you). Can I also mention Rudy Steiner and maybe the whole Steiner family in general? I have never felt more pity and sadness for a character and their family. Max Vandenburg – the kind kind Jew who fell victim to the Nazi’s discrimination and evil ways.  I was extremely happy with this characters ending

Now, some of you may be sat there thinking ‘y’know what I might just go watch the film and not read it’ Now that’s fine, of course it is. I don’t choose your life decisions, but really are films ever as good as the novels? No. Do you get to turn the fresh crisp pages with a film? No. Do you get the feeling of achievement when you’ve finished reading a 600 page film? No. Mainly it’s because films don’t have pages but that’s not the point okay.

Just please go read the book. Or at least attempt to. At least then you can say you tried.

Well, it’s Friday night and I’m waiting for food. My fingers are also pretty cold from typing and my thumb hurts (long story, banged it on a table yesterday oops)


I take Spanish. I am allowed to say that.

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