The Naturals.

Now I was going to take my own picture
instead of stealing Google’s
 but I didn’t because of reasons.
 (mainly darkness but whatever)

I bet you didn’t expect this topic to crop up so soon. Especially since I only mentioned receiving it like yesterday.

But it has and now you must prepare to listen to me discuss how absolutely awesome The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is.

I am not joking.

First things first: What is the story about?
Natural at reading people or ‘profiling’ Cassie in contacted by the FBI. She’s been chosen for a classified program that uses exceptional teenagers to solve cold cases. Cassie is the last to join the programme and it’s obvious no one in the Naturals programme is who they seem. When a new killer strikes, danger is closer to Cassie than ever before.

Now that is literally all you are getting out of me about the plot because spoilers.

This book is definitely a page turner. I know this because I literally could not put it down. I started it at about 3pm 27th October 2013 and I finished at around 10.30pm the very same day. Of course I didn’t spend the whole seven and half hours reading. But I did spend at least four of them turning the pages. Now let me tell you, the second half of this book is tense, I couldn’t sit still. I was moving around so much in my chair it caused my mother to ask “are you okay? Do you need an extra cushion or something?” No, but I may need to destroy this book. In a good ‘i love this book so much it’s making me feel things’ way of course. I felt especially like this in the last few pages.

Now, the story features several snippets of something called You and this adds at least 10 points of creepiness to the book. It’s probably the reason why the climax of the novel is so tense and gut wrenching. If I wasn’t in my living room which included my family I may have yelled.
“No x can’t be you! Not you!”
“Oh it’s not x but is it y it can’t be why because I thought it was a?”
“Oh wait it is x. No x cannot be you no no no”
“Wait okay K is here what if their You. But what about A”
“No Y is You who is You?”
This will make sense when you read the book.

One of the main features of the novel includes the aspect of “profiling’. Now what is profiling? Basically the ability to know a lot about someone from say their clothes, just think Sherlock. After reading the story, I almost wished I had the gift of looking at someone for a split second and knowing if they ate spaghetti for lunch. This isn’t exactly how it works but you get the picture. I may or may not have tried to analyse a few people today, all I got was that one woman enjoyed the colour pink (she was dressed head to toe in pink, not the most difficult thing to guess really).

There is also some romance/love triangle in the story. I still have no idea who to ship. But do not let a dose of love triangle to put you off the book (are love triangles that bad? I don’t think so), it isn’t part of the main plot, well it is but it’s not full frontal (wrong phrase but you know what I mean). It actually creates quite a funny scene within the story.

The novel actually exceeded all my expectations. Y’know when you read a blurb and you’re all “Oh okay this sounds cool I suppose” You aren’t that excited to read it but you know you’ll give it a try. But it sits on your book shelf for a couple of months gathering dust because you’ve forgotten about it? Yeah I thought it would be one of those books.

It most certainly wasn’t.

Now, I would like to thank Quercus for sending me this book because there is a 95% chance I probably never would have read it other wise. Oh, but I am so glad I read it. It may actually become one of my favourite books. It already has a spot on my ‘favourite books bookshelf’ Yes that is a thing I have.

I’ve also just realised that this book isn’t out yet and I feel like I’m breaking some sort of law. So on the 5th  November y’all better go running to the bookshop to buy this, kay?

Now I only have one question: Can it be November 2014 already, because yes, this is going to be a series and I cannot wait for the next book.

Goodbye people of the internet. 

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