Cat Clarke

Check me out using pictures.

There becomes a time, in everyone’s life, where they have to discuss Cat Clarke.

Or at least in my life there is.

And that time is now.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two kinds of people in the world:

  •  Those who know of Cat Clarke’s existence and completely adore her YA books
  • Those who have no idea who she is.
I’ve converted at least two people. It’s not enough. I need to convert more people into becoming the first type instead of the second. 
Probably shouldn’t have used the word convert but more people should read her books.

I feel like as an author she is very unappreciated. She’s not even verified on twitter. Not that being verified on twitter is a necessary thing to happen of course. In my mind she is as good, if not better, than those who are verified, yes I’m looking at you Sarah Dessen and John Green (Not that I’m criticizing them of course – I adore their books too). Also after freaking out after Undone I figured she is just a generally nice (oh there goes my year nine English teacher complaining because I used the word nice) and pleasant person. 

How nice is that? I actually wasn’t expecting a reply, nor a reply to my friend and I freaking out. (The other author who tweeted me, Ally Carter – but I can discuss that some other time)

Now to the reason I’m writing this instead of my history homework (yes I know I’ll do after this shh)

Cat Clarke’s books. 

I have no recollection of why I chose to buy Entangled from the bookstore, but I did. Maybe I thought the cover looked pretty. I basically read Entangled within about two days and then proceeded to bug my best friend to read it. Which she did. 
Now why you should read it: It’s a very very good book. But why? Because it makes you feel emotions. If a book doesn’t make you feel emotions it isn’t doing it’s job right. But which emotions? All of them. Entangled also made me think. Who is this Ethan person? Why is he so creepy and weird? Why is she is a white room? Of course I’m not going to tell you here. Go get the book. When those answers are revealed, it’s like an epiphany, and I’m not joking. They also made my stomach drop about fifty feet because of course that’s why he’s called Ethan. The fact the first line is ‘I met Ethan the night I was planning to kill myself. Pretty inconvenient, when you think about it’ is just brilliant. In fact I think that’s why I bought the book – because of the opening line. How much personality is written in that line? A whole lot. It’s also pretty humourous considering the subject. All her YA novels are written like that, full of personality and humour that when something terrible happens you just want to rip out your organs. That may be an exaggeration but read Undone – you’ll get it. 
Speaking of Undone, that is far by the best novel I have ever read – and I’m not even kidding. I rarely stay up all night to read a book (mainly because I love sleep to much and I enjoy writing the endings in my mid) but I think I stayed up till about 3am reading Undone. Don’t get me wrong-I did try to sleep but I spent too much time gritting my teeth into my pillow because that book is tense. I couldn’t bare waiting the hours I would spend sleeping, I just had to read it. So there I was 3am, under the covers finishing the book. I have never felt so emotional after a book. By emotions I felt literally nothing. I was so shocked, my emotions had just stopped. It took me a while to get to sleep that night. Good job I had no school the next day. 
Now if you’re one of these people who refuses to read a book because it’s sad firstly, get a grip and secondly, being sad over a book is the best bit. If you get so emotional over a book your tears are real, the book is more likely to stay with you, mainly because you continue to think about it for the next few days so much you can’t read another book. Which is exactly what happened after reading all three Cat Clarke novels.  
Now, if you’ve read this I command advise you to buy at least one of her books. I doubt you’ll regret it. Especially if you’re now wondering about the white room and Ethan you should buy it. Not go googling because spoilers are bad.


P.S I love spoilers but with TV shows, not books.

P.S.S I hope this blog post has led you on the path to becoming the first type of person the better type

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