I’m going to say this first, if you’re expecting a blog post about ambitions and dreams which we all want to fulfill in our lives – then you’ve come to the wrong place.

In fact you should probably stop reading this right now, or you should carry on because curiosity has gotten you interested. Your call.

The dreams I am about to discuss are those which occur when you are currently awake and asleep at the same time. I’m going to say this: They are messed up. They are also the ones I tend to remember more.

There was one time, a few months ago, I had two dreams in the awake/asleep state and both of them left me confused. In the first one, my mum chopped my dog’s leg off.

I think I need to give you some context.

At the time my dog had hurt his right leg, so was wearing a bandage around the leg. In the dream, my mother had chopped off his left leg, the one which was okay. In the dream she claimed she did this so he would “match” but he just had three legs. When we were discussing this in the dream she was just brushing his leg on the kitchen work top. I should also mention that there was no blood. It’s like the leg had just come off. In the same dream we had driven to a car park. Where my IT teacher happened to be. The conversation went a little like this:
“Megan! You want to talk coursework, yes!”
“No, not really.” (I’ll just mention at this moment in time I had completed all my ICT work and it was now my free lesson, why, in my dream, she wanted to discuss coursework which had been graded I have no idea)
“Great, I’ll be back in five minutes!” She hurries off.

And this is all I can remember of the said dream. I can tell you now, I woke up pretty confused.

The second dream involved my best friend and her finger falling off.

Yes, you read that right.

In the dream we were currently teaching her how to play stuck in the mud, a game which I have never understood, so I have no clue how I was teaching her in the dream. The only reason I never understood that game was because in my primary school we played a messed up version where several people held someones fingers and then ran away. I told you I didn’t understand the game. It turns out the normal ‘tag’ game of stuck in the mud is what we called ‘tiggy scarecrow.’ I have no idea what our version of stuck in the mud is really called, there was certainly no tig involved.

Anyway, we were teaching my friend this game and as a girl holds my friends middle finger it falls off. Strange enough, right? It got stranger when my friend said, as the girl held her finger in absolute horror, “don’t worry, it does that all the time, just put it back on.”


In addition to this, the said best friend, once dreamed that we went to Pluto and took selfies in front of it.

Dreams. Weird stuff.


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