It occurred to me, that idea’s are strange. Or the stuff of getting a really good idea in the first place is really strange.

By ‘stuff’ I mean the 3 hours procrastinating and the 6 hours actually trying to think of an idea.

Then after the nine hours the only decent thing you’ve managed to think of is totally cliched and obvious.

This happens to me often.

This is my second ever blog post and trying to find an idea to write about wasn’t that difficult. Not all. In fact, I thought of a lot of subjects and topics to write about for this. However, can I remember any of them? Not at all. This may have something to do with the fact all the ideas were formed at 2.00am this morning whilst I couldn’t sleep. I’ve noticed this is a regular occurrence in my life. In the day, the moment I need a really good idea, my brain is blank. It’s like I don’t have a brain capable of thinking, but put me in bedroom with the lights off and tell me to sleep? Then all the juices start flowing.

This sounds like a really good thing right? I mean, all I have to do is wait until night fall and then all my creative ideas, that are actually useful, are available. The only problem with this is that I forget. Or my ideas are usually in paragraphs, full in detail, and I have no effort to write them down. I think I have probably written a novel during the night whilst trying to sleep, or at least probably finished the story/book I am currently writing. In this case I usually remember the overall story line or a phrase. Typically though, I remember nothing. The only think reminding me that last night I had an idea, is the nagging voice in the back of my head saying “Megan, do you remember that thing you thought of last night? Do you? DO YOU? You don’t. Well what a shame because it was really good stuff.” Then I stare at myself in the mirror halfway through brushing my hair with the look of utter annoyance on my face because sleep stole another important and amazing idea. Again.

Why, I can hear you asking, why don’t you just write these idea’s down? Well, in short, I’m probably too lazy and tired at the time to get up, and write down these ideas. Next question: Why don’t you put a pad and pen by your bed? Well, usually, when I paper beside my bed I don’t have pen. This is the same if I have pen. I don’t even know why I never have them both in the same place. It would make my life so much easier. The amount of time I have spent looking for a pen, or a piece of paper (and usually I end up writing on the back of an envelope or a really important letter).

I’m going off topic. I do that a lot.

Another thing about ideas, is that you’ll think of a decent one and then after declaring that the idea is good and you will use it, another, usually exceptional and much more original and creative than the first idea, is thought of. The bad thing about this is that it is usually too late to change it. Hence, you spend the entire time regretting everything and hating the way your mind works. This also happens frequently to me.

Forming ideas is hard and difficult, which can be really annoying and self-aggravating. Then, miraculously, a really exceptional idea forms in your mind and the world is correct again.

That’s if you remember it, of course.

Bye for now!

(Wow is that too cheesy? I told you in my first post I was awkward at this okay. Maybe I should leave the exclamation marks alone.)

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